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SmarterMail Pricing

Installed Licenses

SmarterMail has a flexible licensing model that allows organizations to purchase a level and edition that best fits their usage requirements now, and to upgrade as more features or mailboxes are required. In addition, each new product purchase includes two email support tickets that are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase at no additional charge.

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SmarterMail Mail Server Professional Enterprise
10 Mailboxes (1 domain) N/A FREE
250 Mailboxes or Domains $299 $499
500 Mailboxes or Domains $499 $699
1,000 Mailboxes or Domains $699 $899
2,000 Mailboxes or Domains $899 $1,099
Unlimited Mailboxes and Domains $1,099 $1,399

License Add-ons

Pricing for the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Cyren Premium Antispam, Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus and Message Sniffer add-ons are based on a yearly licensing structure similar to the product licensing levels. This allows organizations to purchase more Exchange ActiveSync mailboxes as their company grows by paying the pro-rated difference between levels. Add-ons can only be purchased for product licenses with current upgrade protection.

Cyren Premium Antispam more info Price / Year
250 Mailboxes $249
500 Mailboxes $349
1,000 Mailboxes $449
2,000 Mailboxes $549
Unlimited Mailboxes $699
Message Sniffer more info Price / Year
250 Mailboxes $199
500 Mailboxes $299
1,000 Mailboxes $399
2,000 Mailboxes $499
Unlimited Mailboxes $599
Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus more info Price / Year
250 Mailboxes $249
500 Mailboxes $349
1,000 Mailboxes $449
2,000 Mailboxes $549
Unlimited Mailboxes $699
Exchange Activesync more info Price / Year
25 Mailboxes $199
50 Mailboxes $349
100 Mailboxes $499
200 Mailboxes $799
300 Mailboxes $1,199
Each Additional 100 Mailboxes $400
Exchange Web Services more info Price / Year
Per Server (includes all mailboxes) $149

License Modifications and Upgrades

SmarterTools' customers are provided 12 months of upgrade protection coverage with the purchase of any new product license. Upgrade protection includes access to all major and minor version upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase at no additional charge. Customers can upgrade the level or edition of a SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, or SmarterStats license at any time. However, license modifications will not extend upgrade protection coverage or reinstate expired coverage. For more information, please refer to the Upgrade Protection Knowledge Base article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Message Sniffer

Message Sniffer complements SmarterMail’s built-in antispam and antivirus features and accurately captures more than 99% of spam, viruses, and malware right out of the box. It learns about your environment automatically to optimize its performance and accuracy without your intervention; and it can be easily customized to meet your requirements.

Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus Add-on

Cyren's recurrent pattern detection technology scans the Internet and identifies malware outbreaks as soon as they emerge, providing proactive virus blocking that is effective, immediate and signature-independent.

Cyren Premium Antispam Add-on

Boost your mail server spam protection to 99%. With Cyren's recurrent pattern detection technology, you can analyze large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, recognizing and protecting against new spam threats the moment they emerge.

Microsoft Exchange Activesync Add-on

Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync is the industry's premier synchronization technology that uses push technology to ensure email, calendar items and contacts are automatically synchronized between SmarterMail and a variety of mobile devices and recent desktop clients like Outlook 2013, all in real time.

NOTE: The Exchange Activesync add-on is only available for SmarterMail Enterprise.

Microsoft Exchange Web Services Add-on

Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) is Microsoft’s latest technology that natively, seamlessly and quickly connects email clients with a mail server. Supported clients include Microsoft Outlook 2015 for Mac from Office 365, Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple Mail, the Outlook client for iPad and eM Client. EWS allows for much faster communication and access to the latest mail server technologies, and joins the existing methods already provided for connecting desktop clients and SmarterMail together.

NOTE: The Exchange Web Services add-on is only available for SmarterMail Enterprise.